What kind of support will I receive when I am in business for myself?

You will take home a comprehensive set of reference manuals covering all aspects of operating your business, along with a set of technical videos. You enjoy unlimited toll free telephone and email support for a year, and you may send us any difficult handpieces to repair for you. Our restricted web site offers a host of valuable resources, along with regular technical and industry updates, to keep you informed on the state of the art. You may benefit from volume purchase savings on parts and proprietary marketing materials. We also provide a menu of optional services that you may choose for an additional charge. You select the level of support you require.

What is the Strategic Alliance?

When you join Handpiece Express you become part of our dynamic team of business owners. There are tremendous benefits to belonging to a group of like minded individuals. We share marketing ideas and technical tips. Our Allies participate in cooperative printing, marketing development, and often assist each other at trade shows. Our annual meeting and monthly conference calls provide a platform for ongoing training and continued growth and creativity.

How much profit is there in a repair?

Parts for a high speed rebuild cost $14, the retail price is $79 to $89 yielding a gross profit margin of 85%. Parts for a low speed rebuild cost $60 with a retail price of $159 yielding a gross margin of 60%. High speed handpieces account for 70% of all service performed.

How long does it take to repair a handpiece?

A typical high speed handpiece takes about fifteen minutes to rebuild. A low speed repair is more complex and may take thirty minutes to an hour.

How much space do I need for my office?

You will need a dedicated space of only 100 square feet, a bedroom or basement area is all that is needed.

How often does a handpiece need to be repaired?

As a result of mandatory heat sterilization between uses, a high speed handpiece may need to be rebuilt every six months to one year. Every dental office has 6-10 handpieces in use, that means at least one rebuild per high speed every year.

What is a typical day like?

I start my workday finishing any repairs left over from the previous day. I do paperwork or pick up and deliver handpieces until 10:00 when I get my incoming repairs from the PO box. I process all the high speeds first to ensure same day service and then work on low speeds until 3:30 when UPS picks up. During any free time I make sales calls on prospective new clients.

What will training be like?

You travel to our shop for one week of “reality based” training. While here, you will actively participate in all aspects of operating our business. Training will focus on technical repair skills, marketing techniques, and the systems necessary to operate your own small business. You will repair actual handpieces received from our clients and spend time with us making sales calls. You may return for a second week of training in the future at no additional cost.

What is my service area?

Together we will establish your exclusive protected territory containing up to 1,200 dentists. We will not locate anyone else inside your area. Unlike a franchise, there are no restrictions on where you do business, be as large or as small as you like.

Can I start part time?

If you have some flexibility in your schedule, starting part time will work, however full time efforts will produce greater results.

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